Meet our team

Roastpic is a technology company composed entirely of students and professors from the Coffee Center at the University of California Davis. As scientists, we perform a lot of measurements of the size, color, and defect counts in coffee, which means we are intimately familiar with how laborious and expensive current methods are for quantifying these important metrics.

In 2022, two Q-certified computer science students who are deeply passionate about coffee joined the Coffee Center and started a project to use cell phones and computer vision to get high quality data about coffee. The result is Roastpic: an app explicitly designed to give the coffee industry hard data about coffee at a fraction of the cost of current methods.

Prof. Bill Ristenpart


Bill is a professor of chemical engineering and founding director of the Coffee Center at UC Davis.

Prof. Irwin Donis-Gonzalez

Chief Scientific Officer

Irwin is a Professor of cooperative extension in postharvest engineering in the Dept. of Biological & Agricultural Engineering at UC Davis.

Xiao (Harold) Liu

Chief Technical Officer

Harold is a PhD candidate in computer science at UC Davis, and is doing his dissertation on AI. He is also a Q-certified coffee expert.

Timothy Styczynski

Visiting Research Scholar

Timothy is an experienced Head Roaster and small-batch coffee roastery owner. He is a Visiting Research Scholar at the UC Davis Coffee Center and a marketing consultant.

Alice Dien

Lead Research Engineer

Alice is a PhD candidate in Biological & Agricultural engineering at UC Davis, with expertise in experimental characterization of post-harvest processing efficacy.

Zhuoheng (Andy) Li

Software Engineer

Andy is a senior undergraduate in computer science at UC Davis, and is also Q-certified.

Shrishti Chezhian⁣

Research Engineer

Shrishti is a junior undergraduate majoring in Chemical Engineering at UC Davis and undergraduate researcher at the UC Davis Coffee Center.

Khoi Nguyen

Frontend Developer

Khoi is a first-year Master's student in computer science at UC Davis, specializing in web development and machine learning applications for image processing.

Keegan Thompson

customer service expert

Keegan is a thrid - year undergraduate majoring in communication at UC Davis.

Mengqi Cao

Head of design

Mengqi is a senior undergraduate majoring in Design, with expertise in user interface optimization.

Size, color, & defects -

all in one photo

© 2024 Roastpic Inc. All rights reserved.

Size, color, & defects -

all in one photo

© 2024 Roastpic Inc. All rights reserved.